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Nokia N900 Tricks:Can’t save files on memory card,What should we do

NoKia N900 device-design when you want save you pictures on your Nokia N900’s memory card ,but you cant not save files on my memory card. What should your do?

You should check the following:

  • Is your memory card an original Nokia memory card, compatible with your device? If not, you should use original Nokia memory card.
  • Is the memory card properly inserted? If not, insert it properly.
  • Is the memory card corrupted? Did you get relevant error message? Try to open some files on the memory card. If the files can not be opened due to corrupted card, you should try formatting the memory card.
  • Is the memory card full? Did you get relevant error message? If the memory is full, you should clear some space before saving the new files or use a new memory card.

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